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Proper, consistent cleaning is an important component for sparkling water as well as good filtration. Here are a few services included with our maintenance program:

  • Skimming the surface

  • Emptying skimmer baskets

  • Brushing pool/spa walls, steps and water line tile

  • Manually vacuuming debris from pool as needed

  • Pump strainer baskets emptied

netting pool surface.jpg
emptying skimmer baskets.jpg

A weekly detailed cleaning of your pool & spa's walls, tiles and floor to remove debris and buildup. A key step to do each week to bring out that beautiful sparkle!


Precise water analysis performed weekly

We test & apply the needed chemicals to keep your pool water sanitary and properly balanced.

Safe, healthy pool water requires constant sanitation to keep microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and viruses from contaminating your pool. We monitor and adjust the levels of many factors for optimal water balance. Here are a few examples:

FCL – Free Chlorine Level:

A sanitizer which keeps your pool water safe and free of germs. Chlorine must be constantly replenished.

pH – Acidity/Basicity:

Must be kept in balance to prevent irritation and protect the pool equipment.

TA – Total Alkalinity:

Appropriate levels help keep the pH in balance. High levels can cause pH to rise.

CH – Calcium Hardness:

Appropriate levels help prevent plaster damage. High levels can cause calcium scaling.

CYA – Cyanuric Acid:

Protects chlorine from sunlight and determines the required FC level.

Salt Content:

Maintain salt level in saltwater pools

TDS - Total Dissolved Solids



Regular maintenance allows your pool equipment to run at its best and most efficient. Your equipment will be inspected weekly to make sure everything is working properly. Minor repairs or part replacements will be taken care of without worry.  Any major repairs or upgrades will be examined to find the best course of action to keep your pool running at its optimal level. 

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Algae is a common headache in pools. The spores enter the water in lots of ways- on swimmer's bathing suits, pool equipment, yard debris, pets, rain and just floating through the air. When spores find a place to settle with ideal conditions for growth, an algae bloom can happen relatively quickly. Green algae is the most common, but it may also appear mustard/yellow, pink or black.


Give us a call if you need help with algae


Pool Cleaning
Equipment Maintenance
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